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Who was Thomas “TC” Clay?

The sudden death of soulful singer Thomas “TC” Clay sent shock waves throughout the music community that were off the Richter scale.

The exceptional singer/musician, was found unresponsive in his hotel room this Sunday after what was said to be yet another amazing performance at the Community Worship Center in Jamaica Queens that took place Saturday, October 15th.

It was evident, on every prominent social media platform, the pain that many movers and shakers in the gospel industry and beyond, were experiencing once this news began to spread. Post after post after post reflect the wounds of a hard blow as well as heavy hearts looking for peace and resolution.

So who was Thomas Clay and why was his impact so profound?

Robert Hasan James, DJ at WIMG 1300 AM deemed him “the prince of gospel” and “a genuis.”  His posts reflect not just a music relationship but a true brotherly relationship that ended way too soon. words-by-rhassan

If you were to check out his social media pages even now, you would sense the frustration he seemed to have for how people (especially the church) treated one another at times.  Rising music star, SheNice Johnson, reflected on Thomas Clay as one who showed empathy and compassion, unlike too many well noted talents that grace this industry. According to Shenice (also the daughter of R&B artist Tweet and a bgv for Tye Tribbett’s SoundCheck), TC desired unity among artists.

So who was he? He  was loved…he was respected…he was admired…and he has left gaping hearts with a lot of questions, none of which can currently be answered.  He experienced homelessness and rejection, which often spoke of during his live performances and on social media, which resulted in deep and powerful worship experiences communicated to his audience during every performance.

His pastor, Jason Nelson, posted earlier today a video admonishing the public to dispel rumors that cannot be confirmed…ranging anywhere from suicide to music industry conspiracy theories, none of which can be confirmed. (Below is a post from his pastor’s brother, Jonathan Nelson).


What’s eerie is this post TC posted just days before his last performance on his social media page:


What’s encouraging and comforting is this post just a few days before that:


What can be confirmed from one person to the next and even from his own thoughts and life reflections is that He loved God. He loved life. And he was genuine. With the love being shown to him from his friends and loved ones, surely we know him “after the spirit.”

2 Corinthians 5:16

Thomas Clay leaves behind a six year old son (Tahir). His family is asking for your prayers.

The hashtag used to show condolences and see many of his worship experiences on social media is #allwillmakesensesoon. The following is a video of his performance. You can feel the anointing (those of you who are truly in the spirit know what I mean). The lyrics? both fortelling and heartfelt…Wow!

“I didn’t know you but I can feel you. Rest in peace warrior.”

-Kimberly M.M. Lyles of Indie Gospel Revealed


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