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ELIJAH GOODWIN: The Confession of a Levitical Legend

Only a few weeks ago, living Levitical legend, Pastor Elijah Goodwin brought his gift and the gifts of his powerful band to Greenville, SC.

He is the official Music Director of the IndieMusicFestival presents GospelDowntown2023 which featured Pastor Joann Rosario of Fred Hammond & RFC.

Pastor Elijah and his band of elite musicians travelled from Charleston, SC and then slayed us all with the quality that will always surpass this area and this entire state and most of the country.

Little did we know that only a month before their travels, Pastor Elijah received some challenging news (see video).

Now this pastor and Levite is considered a national legend however quiet he tends to be. He and the late Melvin Crispell both used to come to Greenville SC and rip up the organ back in the early 2000’s.  All the young musicians recording videos, on their flip phones at the time (including me) longed to play just like him.

We watched him many times as he backed legendary Pastor Brain Moore of Life Center (Charleston & Charlotte) much of his adult life before he eventually became a pastor himself. Now both his natural and spiritual sons & daughters not only have an amazing music foundation, but their spiritual foundation is to be admired as well.

Instead of me trying to explain any details, I needs must let him speak for himself (see video below).


A Note from the Author-Now before you watch his video post (especially if you’re kingdom), please consider sending something to Pastor Elijah’s cash app as the Holy Spirit leads you. ($Theremnantchurch22).

Please feel free to hit him up before sending if you so choose. He did not ask me to do this but as a fellow Levite, I believe it is my Kingdom duty…but not only that, I have watched and admired this man of God from a distance for years. To have him come to help me have the best festival possible…sigh. My heart wills and aches for his immediate healing on THIS side of glory. Helping one in the area of any financial stress, frees one up to concentrate on what God is saying and doing. Shalom.

-Kimberly Lyles


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