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Greenville’s Own Rashad Dahsar Featured On “Church of Laughs” But It Was No Laughing Matter

While it’s true the black church is filled with some of the most gut-wrenching laughable occasions, and this one on the surface may have initially qualified as one …well…until you see what’s really happening.

One of the “weighty” prophets around this area (where he is from) would usually say “The wind of the Lord is blowing…” And it’s true. There are indeed times where the weight of the Lord is so strong it literally could bring the weight of one’s body down no matter the size before a worship or a word from God is yielded. Unfortunately, very few know the reality of this because our churches have often been reduced to skill and entertainment on one end and rules, regulation, and religion on another.

Rashad Dahsar one of gospel’s rising rhythm and praise artists doesn’t play when it comes to matters of God and this wasn’t for entertainment purposes. I know because I know him. At his first live recording Face to Face, Rashad ministered an array of his original songs and some great covers. It was his motive at this event to have all his family and friends to meet and worship God with him.

Nonetheless there are a few churches and events with substance, and this was one of them. Be sure to listen.

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