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There is an argument that hasn’t, in time, only divided the church and state, the secular versus the religious, or the sanctified versus the profane, it is an argument about whether the Christian should celebrate or even acknowledge Halloween. The controversy is real. It has also been one argument to currently cause a distinct divide within the church.

What if I shared with you that some divisiveness (even within church) is necessary and this one just may be one of those, but how do we know?

Being that we are in the last days, some things that weren’t so clear before are now clearer than ever if your eyes are open. Some things aren’t to be touched or dealt with are moreso dangerous now than yesterday when you have the ears to hear and the wisdom to understand.

Here are some of the best messages this year to help separate you from the message of fear and horror from today’s celebrations or movies, or tv shows.  It could be the very thing that distinguishes and sets you apart and at its best, sit may just save your life. Too dramatic?  Let’s see…


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