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WHEN IT’S CED, IT’S DONE!…Cedric Thompson & Word of God Church & Ministries International -Live Recording

Ced (3)
The producer of the hour?…none other than Cedric Thompson who just headed up the live recording at Word of God Church and Ministries International in Columbia, SC.
Known currently as the largest growing church in the state of South Carolina, the Word of God congregation and their bishop, Bishop Eric Davis, did not disappoint. They came “lit,” on fire, and ready to push into God’s presence.
The sound coming from both musicians and vocals was a perfect blend. Joe Jackson, Joshua Cooke, Josh McDowell, and Tim Slice were among a few of the selected musicians. With guest artists such as Ledessa Brown and Cedric’s very own wife, LeJuene Thompson, there was nothing to do but to prepare the prayer cloths and expect the great.
There was something about the sound and the well written and well produced music that has made this project a must have.  Anyone wanting to be propelled into the essence and glory of God will benefit from it. When it is Ced, it is done in excellence. Stay tuned to Indie-Gospel-Revealed for more news and video clips as well as the official release date.

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