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It is well known now that we lost Kevin Lemons just this past Saturday, Jan 7th which has been a devastating loss for many inside and outside the gospel community and for good reason. Scrolling through social media and listening to live services, only good things can be heard about this gentle giant who was the 25-year director of his vision “Higher Calling,” one of the few choirs existing after the praise & worship team era and then after the Covid pandemic.

The love of this pure hearted man of God, has the ability to bring even the most dormant of us out of the woodworks to honor who he was. Here is one of many that I will be working on because I got a chance to meet him, and I was definitely honored to have done so.

Here are just a few things that we all absolutely loved about Kevin Lemons.


  1. He’s humble & personable. Not one time would you greet him and was met with frustration. Even though he managed and directed a choir of a hundred people plus along with a band, not one time did he not have time to greet you, talk to you, or even give an interview
  2. He’s humorous. Kevin kept a smile and kept joy on his face, and it translated to his music and his directing. What’s not to love about that.
  3. He’s a loving husband & father.  Kevin’s wife Tiuna Lemons was on herself on the “Higher Calling” choir and a spiritual mothership to his spiritual fathership to many of the choir members and upcoming artists. How adorable it was that when she was asked who her favorite gospel artist is at the 2022 Stellar Awards she exclaimed, “Kevin Lemons” with no hesitation.
  4. He’s excellent at his craft. According to an interview by Gospel Buzz, Kevin started directing at the age of 12. If you ever got a chance to hear Kevin Lemons live, you would definitely not forget that amazing sound that I’ve yet to hear any choir match.
  5. He poured into others. A gospel workshop had been organized by Kevin for this upcoming weekend and he expressed on his page how it would include resources for ministers of music and even a class for sound technicians. Sadly, yet celebratory, the event has been replaced by a commemorative service in his honor.
  6. He’s accomplished & yet quiet.  Mr. Lemons never exploited his opportunities for fame.  Many still don’t realized Kevin Lemons & Higher Caller performed/ministered in the recent wedding of Portia Williams of the popular hit tv show, Atlanta Housewives. He was a vocal director for a Netflix series called “Come Sunday and was both a Stellar Award and Dove Award nominee.
  7. He is a supporter of new artists. You won’t be able to scroll through social media without seeing some of the artists both on the choir and off that he pulled on stage and/or on his most recent album(s) to make sure his blessed and rising platform was also used to bless others and help them rise.
  8. He honors Gospel Legends. One exasperating trend of the last few generations was getting away from choirs and old school gospel, but Kevin Lemons championed bringing back the absolute best and timeless gospel music by recreating songs like “What Is This” by Walter Hawkins & “Walk in The Light” by the Georgia Mass choir yet keeping the integrity and structure of these songs intact.

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