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Welcome Home South Carolina’s 2017 Stellar Award Nominees

There were only three Stellar Award nominees from South Carolina who attended the Award show in Las Vegas this year including Alphaeus Anderson & Pure N Heart, Choir Boi Cam, and one 2017 Stellar Award winner Travis Greene.

We, at IndieGospelRevealed, say welcome home and congratulations to you. You definitely “represented, ” and we appreciate you for it.

Let us all feel free to find a way to support these artists to help keep them “pressing for the mark of the higher calling” so to speak as they are anxious to keep striving to put God first as well as putting South Carolina on the map.

Travis Greene is now pastoring a church in Columbia South Carolina called Forward City Church.

Alphaeus Anderson is releasing a book this Saturday, April 1st, at The Children’s Museum in Greenville, SC.,  entitled Youth Magnet. Alphaues Anderson and Pure N Heart children’s choir actually won the award in 2012.

Last but definitely not least is Choir Boi Cam who just released a music video of his new single “You Did It.”

The Stellar Awards will air on TV One this Sunday, April 9 at 7 p.m.

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