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Tri-City’s “Shut De Doe” Lead Vocalist, Twanzette, Releases Her Own New Music

Happy Birthday to Twanzette Anderson! Congratulations on your new project! Lady Twanzette is the lead vocalist in two of Tri-City’s most popular songs on the legendary Bible Stories project.

Twanzette Anderson is the high ranged vocalists whom Grammy Award winning gospel producer, Donald Lawrence famously and affectionately calls ‘Twai’ in the song, Message for the Saints, just before the verse:

When it gets right down to it…seems all hope is gone…Don’t give up…Don’t give in (some of you have already started singing). Remember this song and ask yourself a question, why?! “

The legendary multi-Grammy winning producer Kevin Bond produced It’s In His Hands while emerging producer, Alphaues Anderson of Greenville, South Carolina produced the song, Rejoice. Both songs were written by Twanzette, herself.

The release takes place tonight at Cedar Grove Baptist Church where psalmists Mikaela Allen-Davis, Faith Davis, Antrina Miller, and also Bonnie Franks & The Nicoletown Community Choir will also take part.

Purchase Your Copy by clinking the link below:



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