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The Passing of 13 Year Old Maddy: A Story You May Have Missed

This article is dedicated to Madison Parrott who passed right at the turn of the year. Madison, affectionally known as Maddy, was blessed with only a few more years after a successful heart transplant at the age of five.

Maddy was said by her mother to have been smiling at the same time she was having chest pains from a heart attack At the same time she was transitioning out of this world and into the next one and then finally saying she believed that Madison was being “comforted by God.”

In this last report of her life, her mother and father said when she was afraid, she would sing the praise and worship song, “There is No one Like Our God…There is no one greater than you…nobody bigger, stronger…

Please view news excerpt From CBS Baltimore below:


Remembering Madison Parrott, the young girl who received a heart transplant in 2014 – CBS Baltimore (

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