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THE GOOD NEWS! -Get Shawn Bigby’s New Hit Single, YOU SAVED ME…FREE! Here’s How…

Most of us are familiar with the term “rhema word” (the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to someone at the present moment), but might I suggest there could be such thing as a “rhema song.” If so, we’ve received quite a few of these from New Artist and Praise and Worship Leader Shawn Bigby.

The “Good News” is You Saved Me 😉 has come packaged in pure worship written by Shawn Bigby, sung by Shawn Bigby, and then produced by the one and only, Cedric Thompson.

You Saved Me is not the first time Bigby sent the music and worship community into a frenzy. Our mouths are still gaping ever since Pastor Jason Nelson lead a congregation at Greater Bethlehem Temple Church Inc. to the throne of God with another of Shawn’s rhema songs, Never Go A Day. This is also a very highly suggested song for your praise and worship movements.

Yes! “Again I say, Rejoice!” This new single is available free for anyone who is willing to teach this to their church congregation to sing on Easter Sunday anywhere in the service. Those are the stipulations and they are not as complex as you may think.

Simply go to, put in your request for a song, and you will soon be connected for more detailed instructions on how to obtain your free copy of You Saved Me. Don’t delay!

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