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Songs We Didn’t Know Were Sung by Daryl Coley

If we didn’t know then, we certainly know now about the famous incident where gospel songwriter and director Donald Lawrence asked Elder Daryl Coley to be the lead soloist on the unforgettable When Sunday Comes on album Bible Stories  at the last minute. With all the education and skill available now, you could probably count on one hand who would dare try this on a major recording today.

Did you know, however, that some of the choir songs that gave us so much joy like Can’t Tell It All by Reverend Calvin Bernard Rhone were led by the skillful Levite?

Oh! Oh! What about I Need Your Spirit from The Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Seminar Give Us Peace Album. Amazing! This was one of those songs only the bravest choirs and ensembles attempted to replicate.

Elder Daryl Coley was one of the few people from that day who could actually say he attended Berkeley School of Music and then had the skill to actually reflect that and then carry it out even when called on the spot.



Jesus Saves! That’s another one (song). It’s unfortunate that I had to hear such sad news to rediscover some of the music that caused me actually enjoy going to church at a time where (let’s be honest) it could be somewhat dry and lackadaisically put together at times depending on the church location. I know someone remembers that day and some of those churches. (Praise God for them “anyhow”).

Think about it. If it weren’t for vessels like Elder Coley who took their gift seriously and invested in it, the motivation would have just not been there for a lot of us who sing or even play instruments now. Gospel albums that had pretty good songs on it were actually made great because Elder Coley loved God and loved music.

Oh my! Who remembers Beyond the Veil (Live at the Bobby Jones Gospel Explosion XIII) and He’s Preparing Me that you’ll find on the Daryl Coley Collection album.

I have such gratefulness in my heart for the life of this man. Everyone should know, as well, that in a music culture where sometimes you didn’t know what you would get when meeting someone with this skill level, Elder Coley was very personable consistently, and he was serious about his ministry even through his own personal struggles.

Elder Daryl Coley departed Tuesday night around 8 pm. God rest his soul and reward him greatly for works well done.

Do you have some favorites? Feel free to comment below.

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