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She’s “Doing It Again!” Lisa Page Brooks Has Released New Music. Check It Out Here!

When I was attending a university, I stumbled upon the song, Standard, sung by the notorious gospel group, Witness, and I just could not shake that song.

“I know my God will lift up a standard against him.” It doesn’t matter what the enemy sends my way. Cuz Jesus promised me there’s going to be a brighter day.” -Standard by Witness

It was ministered on video by K & K Mime and although I was caught up with the emotion and the great sychronization of their mime performance at first, I really could not shake the song itself and even more, I couldn’t shake the sound and conviction of the lead vocalist.

When I couldn’t stop talking about it, a great musician that I admire (who mentored me in the gospel choir) by the name of Alan Wilson gave me a CD by Witness called, He Can Do the Impossible. He suggested I listened to it and gave me a precursor precursor that this music did not have a sound that I was used to, yet he absolutely loved the sound and the ministry of the lead vocalist, Lisa.

I put it in and listened to it but not for long.  I was so caught up with the choir sound and the popular sound of that time (Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, etc.) that I set it aside after hearing the first song. He was right though. It was so unusual for my conditioned ear.

Eventually I found out that this was a sound for not only the refined ear but get this! It was a sound for a certain maturity in my spiritual walk. It was one of the first projects that taught me how to get outside what I was literally trained to look for and draw from and really listen musically (as a musician) and spiritually (as a woman of God).

One day “life” itself made me try that CD again… and I listened to the words. Then I listened to the real passion, ministry, and the unusual vocal choices of this phenomenal lead vocalist. I fell in love…

Years later when Lisa Page Brooks came on the seen with her song, “I Want To Say Thank You.” I said YES!  This particular song was not only perfect for the voice which is like no other but it was perfect for her to gain an even bigger presence on the gospel scene. It was the perfect combination of that sound I fell in love with and a song that could be ministered often in a church setting. This way so many who hadn’t been so “illuminated,” so to speak, can hear what I hear in a package that might have been easier to unwrap.

Well, I went through all of that just to tell you that “SHE’S BACK!” (lol) and I’m glad about it. This time Lisa goes to church with a traditional gospel sound that I must say hasn’t been around for awhile.  Like-this is the old red carpet, wooden floors, the wooden register board on the wall, with the sun shining through the stained glass windows type sound.

Well, let’s go there then, Lisa! There is much depth and versatility to your ministry and I want to encounter the Lord with you through your sound.

Lisa’s new song, Do It Again, is now available on I-tunes. Here’s the link:

Do It Again by Lisa Page Brooks



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