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Reggie Rocc Blows Up “The Burg” with ~Soliloquy Concert

How many rap concerts have you been to where the Holy Spirit comes and simply”wrecks?” Just today (Sat. March 4th in Spartanburg, SC), Christian rapper Reggie Rocc and his very purpose met destiny at one of the most powerful concerts of the year.

“Actions speak louder regardless of any hearers.” -Reggie Rocc

You cannot convince me that God didn’t come along and put his seal of approval upon the whole apparatus as the attendees of family, friends, artists, rappers, the church, and the unchurched all lifted their hands, cried, or were completely emerged in worship.

The concert was full of lyrical geniuses, explosive beats, powerful and real testimonies, awesome comedy by host CeeJ, and musical pleasantries to package it all together. If that wasn’t enough, the brotherhood that Reggie and his friends possess is the kind of power our community and even the whole world is thirsty for.

“I follow Christ and they follow me and I’m getting stab wounds.” -Reggie Rocc

Whether it was the tall random young woman (who did not blend in with church culture) boldly walking up to Reggie on the stage to bless him with a monetary gift or the fact that it literally caused him to  break into worship that put the seal on amazement. Then in another moment the young drummer breaks into complete freedom and genuine worship and yet another seal was applied to amazement. The whole concert was explicitly noteworthy.

It is only a matter of time before Reggie Rocc and the amazing band/singers he travels with will be ministering well beyond the Upstate.  Stay tuned for more news & video clips.

Make sure you support this brother by purchasing his album on I-Tunes.


The Worship Center – Pastor Sharome Gentry  945 Canaan Road, Roebuck, South Carolina 29376

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