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Producer-Community Leader Alphaeus Anderson Gathers Nearly 1000 Kids for “Change The World” New Music-Release – (9.30.17)

Stellar Award winning Pure N Heart producer and founder, Alphaeus Anderson, with a real and genuine angst against all types of bullying decided long ago to mentor hundreds of kids using his gift of music. With much knowledge about youth ministry and with his consistent music excellence, Alphaeus used rehearsals in NC, SC, and GA to get kids to focus their talents and energies not to only glorify God but to teach them how to come against these last days “wickedness in high places.”  Whether it be bullying, racism, sex-trafficking, or anything that would try to entrap this generation and/or those connected to them, Alphaues  Anderson along with Alexias Anderson, wife and co-founder, initiated “training day.”

September 2nd at mega church, Redemption Church, Greenville SC, 1000 kids sang their hearts out. There were songs of encouragement, songs of joy, and an amazing new and upcoming single “Change the World” featuring South Carolina finalist of popular TV show The Voice, Delvin Choice, and new Christian rapper phenomenon Reggie Rocc (see live fb clip here)

If I’m not mistaken, this is probably the first time the entire Redemption mega church entrusted its location entirely into the hands of a community leader to support a platform and what a time to do so.  Words were backed by action considering that the aftermath of recent and major racist terror attacks in the country were recently denounced by Pastor Ron Carpenter, the church’s overseer, in a live social media feature (Click on article for video).

The family of The Emanuel 9 (which included infamous Senator Clementa Pickney) were not only honored but featured in the production.  Nine members of the Emanual African American Episcopal Church lost their lives in the Charleston Massacre of 2015 where one Dylann Roof, inspired by a racist southern culture, shot them in their own church in cold blood.


Grandmother Pickney
Grandmother Pickney sings Amazing Grace at Redemption Church, Greenville SC

This isn’t the first time the Emanuel Nine were featured. On 9-11 of 2016, the Andersons held a concert featuring Pure N Heart at Flour Field Baseball Stadium on Main St. in the city of Greenville along with the attendance and support of Greenville mayor Knox H. White, after Alphaues had a dream of God showing him to hold the event there (Click on this link for video feature).

On Saturday, September 30th, the CD Change The World will be available on all digital platforms. A major video release will also be held at the Children’s Museum in downtown Greenville on the following Sunday, October 1st.

Please make sure you not only comment below, but support one of these projects to show your support of these 1000 kids as well as this couple, Alphaeus and Alexias Anderson, who freely put in the effort to train them up around such safe, professional, knowledge rich, and positive environments and influences on a regular basis (more photos here).


Change The World - Pure N Heart

Change The World

Alphaeus Anderson (right to left) Khristen Stephens, Delvin Choice, Reggie Rocc
Alphaeus Anderson (right to left) Khristen Stephens, Delvin Choice, Reggie Rocc



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