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All throughout my childhood we had been inundated with the “I Have A Dream Speech” so much that when having school debates we could oftentimes not be able to come up with a good an solid answer as to why Rev. Martin Luther King was such a great man who contributed so greatly to America that he earned the Nobel Peace Prize. His going to jail with masses of other freedom riders meant that his birthday should be celebrated every year to the extent that it is mandatory that both laborers and school children should get a full day off. Arguments and emotional rages went nowhere all because of our “lack of knowledge.”

Yes, King’s dream may have contributed to integration but much of black america has awakened to discover that we have been sedated and blinded from racism that has not quite lost a lot of its punch or effectiveness. Racism rather has been subtle with strategic forms of a covert warfare that we didn’t realize was going on to the extent that it was until we found much of our race made up the greater prison population. We looked up and saw that black men and women were getting killed brutally with no regret during random patrol stops on the highway as both social media as well as a mandate for police to wear body cams came into fruition.

Nevertheless, it is this speech which is most likely to have spawned the activist’s premature death. It is the one topic that would unite Dr. King, the Black Panthers, and Malcolm X to our amazement . The topic that we would not truly begin to wrap our heads around until the middle class started to feel the tight squeeze themselves and the poor gained access to more education.

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