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Private: Tedd Winn With Why Trump Should Not Get Our Support

There has been two very divided viewpoints as to why someone should or should not perform at the inauguration or show any type of support for President elect Donald “John” Trump.

Many performers both gospel and secular declined their invitations to perform this weekend, from Jennifer Holiday to Jonathan McReynolds and beyond. All the while many different explosions on social media range from why it is responsible to back the newly selected president all the way to the other end of the spectrum deeming anyone who shows up to do “anything” associated with Trump would be doing no less than “cooning.”

So who’s right?

Alas, how awful it will be to have little to no representation in Washington.

Tedd Winn reminds us that Ben Carson, the black surgeon, former Republican presidential candidate, and one of very few blacks appointed by Trump, stated that “slavery is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to black people.”

Tedd Winn, one of the most skillful male vocalists of our era, demonstrates that there is more to him than just musical skill. The research he has been gathering is eye opening concerning major setbacks that will affect not only the middle class and poor but especially all black people.

Take a listen to some of the information he has gathered.

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