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Private: ON BEING REJECTED: Viciousness in the Gospel Community & Industry

So here is the real. Persecution, rejection, back-stabbing, downplaying, dog-eat-dog mentality, self righteousness, freezing out, egotistical based abuse etc., is all unfortunately (too big of) a part in the gospel world and industry. Whether you are an artist, vocalist, musician… local or national, small church or mega church, indie or signed, it’s everywhere and it is NOT indicative of the way Christ modeled discipleship in His kingdom…at all. It is actually more indicative to a Pharisee/Sadducee type culture.

The one issue our culture seems to have focused on the most lately as US citizens isn’t even the whole of what is happening throughout churches in this land. The truth is that there is a horrific spirit of viciousness being embraced from the lowly to the people in high places. There is a downright intoxication with any kind of power and even a kind of blood lust that has infiltrated just about everything.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.          – Matthew 10:16

It is very possible that this spirit of viciousness is an offspring of our government structure which I now believe is also a principality and demigod…Capitalism.

Of course we know the result of capitalism is to use any means necessary to get ahead with no regrets. We were puzzled as to why our past community leaders (The Black Panthers, various music artists, etc.) embraced such government structures like socialism and even communism way back when. Of course they backed off of communism for obvious reasons. The point is, however, that they knew that there was something incredibly evil about the god of Capitalism.

An angry lady boss.

On a church and industry level, these “strange doctrines” have seeped in subtly yet deeply. On one hand, the most intellectual and wise leaders in the Kingdom who are modeled after Christ can correspond with anyone from the poorest to the richest…skinny or fat…with or without status. On the other hand, we have those who feel like they are racing to the top of the barrel. They apply the philosophy that who they are a”reflection of whomever they are around” at all times, so they carefully choose be associated with him or her…this or that. They choose how to treat others based on what they’ve heard from who they “think” is the who’s who and not by thinking for themselves.

Of course we also know everyone in this industry does not operate with a pure heart. And amazingly it could very well be possible that most aren’t. Everyone is not out for the same goal of winning souls and “setting the captive free.” Some have goals of becoming famous and well known. Some have goals of being placed on a pedestal in order to look down on others or even to avenge their own past hurts.  Some have majored in music but have not balanced their career goals well with ministry goals so you can’t tell where their heart lies most of the time.

Unfortunately, you may never know this side of glory whether a person has been given an assignment from God or if they are frauds, without you having a keen sense of discernment. Even then, some have been deceived into thinking their own biases and past experiences is some kind of anointing of discernment. This can be truly discouraging.

The key is to just be genuine, respectful, and yet wise (refer back to the first scripture reference). This does not mean to be a backstabber or conspire while smiling in their faces or while having a “poker face.” That’s not what that scripture means. No matter where you are standing in a situation, if you’re not operating in love, you are on the wrong side of the fence. Tough love and blatant honesty may come into play but it requires a skillful balance so as to not cross over to the dark-side. There is a way of handling this persecution skillfully, with integrity, by the Spirit of God, and ultimately with victory.

HOW TO HANDLE REJECTION IN THIS INDUSTRY…stay tuned.  Also stay tuned as I “reveal” my own experiences and accounts of rejection. 

Have a fantastic God surrounded week.

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