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“Pray With Us” Says CCM Artist Kris Dillard As Twin Brother Krishon Lies in Recovery After A Life Threatening Head On Car Collision

You could literally feel the lull and pause in time as Kris Dillard shared with everyone publicly on Sept 2nd that his twin brother Krishon Dillard was simply hanging on after a nearly fatal head on car collision that took place the night before.

In Kris’s first facebook post, all he could say was that “he (Krishon) is not out of danger but he is in fact responding.” As Kris began to get more news, we all winced and prayed after being told that there was in fact bleeding on his brain and that Shon also had to have surgery in his left arm and knees. His blood sugar levels also were a concern as well since Shon had been treated for symptoms of diabetes.

The following day, you couldn’t help but admire the call for public prayer as Travis Greene’s worship song, You Made A Way, played in the background.

The last time I spoke with Krishon myself, he spoke without end about how he admired his brother Kris’s worship lifestyle. He said that he didn’t know anyone who spent time in the Lord’s presence like his brother Kris and he wishes that he was like him. 

It hasn’t been long since the town of Greenville, SC celebrated Kris Dillard’s music and worship advancement as the Praise and Worship pastor at New Destiny Christian Center in Florida, a church Paula White acquired as a pastor after the tragic death of noted Pastor Zachary Tims.
Now Kris Dillard is back in the Carolinas which is obviously no coincidence.  He now has his own personal ministry called Markt Music, which he calls “a collection of praise and worship leaders who travel globally.”

Kris has been at the side of his brother waiting to hear the testimony of victory that all of us are praying to hear very soon and anxious to celebrate with them both.

Please comment both below and let them know how much you support Krishon’s full recovery.


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