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Our Darling, Darlene of Greenville S.C., Drops New Single Tonight at Midnight

She’s beautiful, intelligent, funny, extremely talented AND she’s Pastor Curtis Johnson’s  (the pastor of Valley Brook Outreach Baptist church) yeah “the skinny man’s” sister. Yes! She is dropping an eagerly the anticipated single tonight, Even Me.

“Even I” couldn’t resist inquiring about the upcoming album release party this weekend in downtown Greenville, her hometown.

I was able to hear Darlene’s words of wisdom in person, a few good years ago, as she ministered the word at Rock Hill Baptist Church (No. 1), which is also the church in Greenville where she grew up. That occasion, however, was not the first time I’d heard of her but it was the first time I met her in person and she is indeed the “total package.” She has the charisma, the quick wit, the anointing,… I could go on but I am waiting for the chance to interview her.

The first time I was made aware of Darlene, I was scoping around BJs Music (when it was located in Spartanburg, S.C.) some years ago. I was on one of my “unsung” artist sabbaticals. This is where I buy music that is exuberant but does not necessarily have a lot of airplay (at least in our location).  I saw a single and recognized only the song title. It was “Fallen In Love,” a smooth r&b love joint that I recalled hearing at various times on the radio but not as often as I felt I should have. When I looked up the information on the artist (because that’s just what I do…Why do you think I write a blog anyway, huh?…lol) I was elated to see that the artist was from Greenville, SC.

What?!!! Someone on a major record label whose single is on the, at that time emerging, film director Tyler Perry’s Diary of A Mad Black Woman soundtrack is from Greenville?  I began to call around and I cannot remember the person who told me, “You know that Darlene McCoy is Pastor Curtis Johnson’s sister, right?” to which I do remember my response was “Nooooooooo, really?” because this is the extent of my gossip. I love finding someone from my area who is doing something great and positive and then doing all I can to bridge their talent to the music industry and/or vise versa, bridging the music industry to us.

Some of Darlene’s most popular singles include the beautiful song “I Adore You” and “I Shall Live and not Die.”

Meanwhile, I began to follow her online as she would provide live glimpses on social media during her radio show using SocialCam (remember them?…lol) with what was then the rising Praise 102.5 out of Atlanta. Now she is “doing her thang” on her radio show “The Nightly Spirit ( me singing Darlene…Darleeeene (while dabbing)).”

Oh!… Oh!… and please go to YouTube and check out her comedy and satire. I must warn you that one of her best talents is that “she’s not wrapped too tight.” I’ll let you discover that for yourself.

Let’s support our Upstate S.C. area and the southeast by first purchasing the single tonight as well as coming out to hear Darlene Mccoy Johnson this Friday 01/5 at the Kroc Center (424 Westfield St, Greenville, SC 29601) for her album release party.

For more information go to her web site at:


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