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Let the New Release, Same God, by Lisa Nicole Send You

The way I’m letting Same God lead me into prayer and worship. This cover originally by Elevation Worship is in circulation again by Lisa Nicole who recently proclaimed praise and worship as her favorite ministry.

When you listen to this song, your very spirit will be prompted away from whatever it is you’re doing.
It’s a distraction you didn’t know you needed.

As you spirit is pulled away from the task you will undoubtedly stop doing, make sure to meditate over, …lift your hands regarding, and/or even “come into agreement” with what the words of this song are proclaiming.  The celestial sounds and voices are just the icing on the cake.
You moved in power then. You move in power now. You are the same God…You are the same God.
You were a healer then. You are a healer now. You are the same God…You are the same God.

Lisa Nicole was interviewed by the Erica Campbell of Mary, Mary on her morning radio show Get Up with Erica. Lisa admitted on the show that this is “the very first time she is stepping out like this ” and that it was also “a long time coming.”  Then she dropped a scripture that she is anchored during this birthing process of hers, lso you already know she’s not perpetrating.
Do not be afraid. Do not be dismayed. Be strong for the Lord thy God is with you. -Joshua 1:19
It was just a little later in the interview that I knew what she meant (lightbulb).  Not only did I not recognize her from the Moesha show, but I didn’t recognize her as the lead vocal in the Dove Award winning gospel group from back in the late 90’s, Out of Eden. Man, I used to “kill” that single Meditate. Do y’all remember those singles that used to have the music video included? That was one of the few black gospel albums that had this and I had it. (I may even still have it).
Please take time to not only buy the single, listen to the single, but hit like and subscribe on her YouTube.  This kind of support costs you a little of your time but gives you God.

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