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kj scriven RELEASES “STEADY” (music video) from newly released project “Chasing the Wind.”

Ever need that song that motivates you to hang in there? A song you can play down the road while you’re driving …one that can help you keep a healthy holy anger when you’re done with your enemies…done with the cares of this life…done with just about everything.

This is it!!! It’s driving me at this very moment even while I write this article promoting it.

KJ is that artist! who we need this day in time. These times call for something different. The choir song may not always touch that core part of me. The praise and worship may not get down to that thing that’s trying to “easily beset me.”

But when someone like KJ takes his battle axe (guitar) and begins to hack away in a song like “Steady” my warfare face emerges and I begin to get dressed in the armour of God.

Listen to this newly released music video.

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