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John Lakin Updates His Profile Picture to Reflect “The Promise.”

Earlier today, on this Tuesday morning, as I started my work and as I began to preview today’s new Facebook updates and good mornings, I was caught completely off guard by what is more than like the best post I’ve ever read on my timeline.

Minister John Lakin had changed his profile picture to reflect the cover to his single, “The Promise.” An overwhelming laugh of victory and delight welled up on the inside of me, and I knew for myself John Lakin was more than okay.

Post after post last week beckoned us who knew Lakin and believed God to pray since Lakin had been admitted to ICU. Praying is exactly what we did. The cause of such alarm is not fully known nor is it important right now. What is important, however, is God gave John, “The Promise” and has fulfilled “The Promise,” and will continue to fullfill “The Promise.”

The Words to the Promise

“Things are going to get better…things are going to get better…Don’t be discouraged by how things seem. God made me a promise and if I just believe. Things are going to get better…better for me.”



We love you Minister John Lakin.  The Promise is available right now on I-Tunes for purchase. Click this link to support this project.

See video of “The Promise.”

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