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John Gray Says God Told Him

In a tear jerking announcement made today at Redemption Church, Pastor Ron announced that he will be resigning his head pastorship position to take on an assignment in North California.

After talking to his wife first and then taking it to God in prayer, Ron says he asked the Lord to leave the church to someone greater than he.  He says he immediately heard God say “as clear as day” the name John Gray.

Carpenter says on that particular day he was able to reach Gray on the phone immediately whereas usually it would take up to four days to reach him even though they are friends.

When they connected Ron asked Gray, “Are you sitting down?” Not too long after Ron told Gray who had just moved into a brand new house, which he and his family inhabited for only eight weeks, that he believed God is telling him that Gray is his successor. Gray responded that God told him that he was going to move his ministry to the southeast and in twenty four hours, he would know where.

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