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Today!!!…The Release of A New Must Hear EP by Uri Grey.

Uri Grey 1

She just couldn’t be boxed in. Former resident of Columbia, South Carolina and rising independent songwriter, singer,and musician, Uri Grey (once known as Shameka Dwight) has released a raw and revealing EP .

One moment she was crooning the song “Gotta Go” in a video from album Lovelations that artistically placed you in the 1950’s and 60’s when you watched it. You could literally feel the tension of the changing times, the new and unknown destination, and then you just had to wonder if the songwriter was somehow telling her own story.

The next thing we know the freckled-faced artist had shaved off locks of sandy brown/red hair completely revealing a beauty you may have missed if you weren’t paying attention. Alas, she was no longer in South Carolina but in Texas. Texas!

It didn’t take her long to start making her mark and finding her place.

“On this EP’, Uri says, ‘I speak more about love, being vulnerable, and self discovery.” She also indicates that she “has more freedom to express things the way she wants.”

I challenge music lovers everywhere to purchase this piece of work.  It is extraordinary. Your challenge might be what to focus in on first…the absolutely clear and clean tone of her voice, the lyrics, or the precise and energetic production of Jaime Arroyo of Lakewood Church. It is very obvious that Uri Grey is particularly proud of this collab.  She expresses that it ” adds more pop, soul, and alternative flavor.”

This EP is available on all media outlets right now. Let’s support quality music immediately. Take a listen here:

“I Just Wanna Be”




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