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“I Yield!” William Becton’s writing is an Answer to the Current Social Climate…

There is always an importance to the artist’s creative response to the world’s present social climate and William Becton’s solution can be found in his current single, I Yield.

With that special knack for vocal production and blend, you can definitely hear a spirit of peace and the appeal to seek God for answers.

I Yield will be released on this Friday, September 30th. Take a listen below.

“I yield was written as a desperate cry to God who is able to heal all of our spiritual, physical, emotional, and social sicknesses. While writing this project I realized we have the remedy deep inside our hearts! The remedy became extremely clear to me one spring morning while singing and worshiping the Lord on my keyboard. It’s simply surrendering and offering no resistance!  When I stop…God starts. If I don’t…God does. What would happen if we collectively say to the One who is able to keep us from falling, “I yield!”

-William Becton

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