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Gospel Singer Jemila Richardson Speaks On Being Invited to sing at the Inauguration.

So Travis Greene is not the only gospel singer performing at Trump’s inauguration this weekend and pleasantly not the only African American performing either.  So far, and after many acclaimed artist declined their invitations, Chrisette Michele, Travis Greene, and Sam Moore will all be featured.

Jemila Richardson along with a group of other young gospel singers gathered to sing behind  81 year old secular artist Sam Moore of old school duo Sam and Dave. This duo was known back in the 60’s singing songs originated by Isaac Hayes like I’m A Soul Man and Hold On, I’m Comin. Moore was bold enough to ask for Jennifer Holiday’s spot immediately after she declined for which he obtained with much success.  Then he asked for a choir to back him.

Talk about getting in position. Because of their availability, a few singers from the Baltimore, Maryland area will have not only completed the one performance with Sam Moore tonight, but has also been asked to prepare to accompany Travis Greene tomorrow. Greene, the grammy winning gospel artist who now pastors a brand new church in South Carolina, posted a social media video this week (see previous article on IndieGospelRevealed for post) explaining why he felt it was appropriate and fitting for him to accept Trump’s invitation to perform.

Jemila Richardson who attends the Church of the Redeemed in Baltimore, Maryland says that Sam Moore requested a choir and she and a few others came together to form it. Some of these singers include Davon Fleming, Jonathan Duckett, Juanita Contee, Ashli Aviles, Eric Waddell, Jeneal Davis, Rachel Massay, Danielle Tyler, Monet Guthrie Shelton, Mike Savoy, and April Hall (along with a few others who’s names are not known at this time). Jemila is already getting mainstream attention as a solo artist and guitarist. An experience like this for her may very well be prophetic.

Here’s what Jemila has to say about the experience:

“This was a eye opening experience!! It felt amazing to know that so many other people were willing to take this opportunity not just for money but for a ministry moment and to do so with no hesitation.Today alone, I watched as people of all backgrounds came together in support of each other and everything flowed so smoothly and with little to no frustration. Not once did I experience racial profiling, resentment, or even a frown.This experience was amazing. I’m a firm believer in being an example and I have seen and heard personally of the intentions and effect that Travis and Chrisette would love to have on the world. We are atmosphere changers. The prayers and songs we lift up have and will only be for the glory of God and not ourselves. It was an honor to be here today and to be able to be apart of the inauguration tomorrow as well.jemila-richardson
I don’t agree with a lot of the decisions our president elect has voiced but I do believe that all things work for our good. Somehow someway this is for our good. I take God at his word and I have faith enough to believe he has us in his hands. It is my prayer that we as a people , Christians, African Americans and so many others would take these new changes as an eye opener to the most obvious problem. We can change nothing if we do nothing. So much has been SAID but so little us been done to defend our rights our views and our beliefs. It takes more than voting and I pray this will be a reassuring catalyst that will spark a “do ” mentality in our hearts. “
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