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Erica Campbell Speaks at South Carolina MLK Unity Celebration, “What is Your Motivation?”

The room goes from being quiet and reserved to a room of bursting cheers, praises to God, and then a standing ovation as Erica wins the heart of “Spartanburgians” at the MLK Unity Celebration-Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium on Monday night.

The audience was first primed with great music from The Diversity Choir and orchestra who wowed us all, including Erica Campbell herself, who professed loudly, “That white boy can sing!” to the amusement of her audience.  The singing of current gospel music by this beautiful multicultural choir and orchestra was one of the first representations of unity on that night.


Praise God for the current, fresh,unconventionally featured voice of Erica Campbell, who professed her faith and also challenged everyone in this great state of South Carolina to examine our hearts and reasons on this holiday. This Grammy Award winning vocalist, Radio personality, and reality television star. “What is your motivation?

“Are you helping because you’re supposed to but it’s not necessarily a joy for you. It’s not necessarily in your heart.”
If your care and concern is not wrapped in real love, the crown that you get will be down here on earth and you won’t get any glory when you get to heaven.”

Then at the very end she spoke blessings over the audience and prayed for the State of South Carolina and our advancements in unity and progress.

For highlights, see video below:


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