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Emerging Artist Angie Cleveland Talks About International Music Ministry & her New Book, “Conquering Insecurities.”

If you haven’t noticed, ministering praise & worship overseas is now a very real future for many in the gospel industry. The overseas ministries of Tasha Cobbs with her fundraiser for Haiti (hurricane relief) and Vashawn Mitchell and his travels to South Africa have been in the media most recently.

It is no secret that independent (unsigned) artists are also acknowledging the call to overseas music missions as well.  Emerging artist Pastor Angie Cleveland & the Levites have traveled more than once to several countries some of which have included Italy, Japan, and Switzerland.

Pastor Angie says that there is such a freedom especially in the European countries where she’s traveled because there are little to no established legalities of worship or expression unlike many of the churches in The States. She also says there is such a hunger and thirst for God that it makes her wonder often times if we are missing it over here in the western world.

Because these ventures started in a program where the “art of gospel” is being taught to many gospel music lovers and students in both Europe and Asia, oftentimes praise and worship as well as gospel music are just seen as an kind of art form. Pastor Angie makes it her priority to let the various workshop participants and audiences know that “the gospel is more than just an art form but it is also in fact a message…the message of Jesus Christ.” angies-new-book-about-insecurities

Although her heart is definitely bent towards those in other countries where many have yet to be taught the full message of the gospel, her ministry missions in the United States are still met with fervency.

Her new book, Conquering Insecurities, has been released this month (December 2016) addressing a very real topic in today’s church body.”Insecurities are the enemy to godly identity.” says Pastor Angie. Please stay tuned to Indie Gospel Revealed (Musicians Monday) for an upcoming special interview about this new publication.

Angie pastors a church with her husband, Apostle Trey Cleveland, at Faith to Faith Glory to Glory Ministries in Spartanburg, SC for nine years.

Check out the following video of their powerful ministry below:

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