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Darlene’s New Single “Even Me.” Gets Much Love from Her Native Town, Greenville, S.C.

The one thing you will learn about Darlene when you meet her is that God, her family, and her friends (especially her classmates) come first.

Family. Friends. God. Fun. That is what Darlene McCoy Johnson made this weekend about and it was absolutely fantastic. The release was so multi-faceted that it not only introduced her single, but it helped to introduced brand new upstate gospel station 96.9 Rejoice (where her radio show from Stellar Award winning 102.5, The Nightly Spirit ,will air).

Griff, from Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell, performed a hilarious comedy  set. Luke Garrison the producer of The Nightly Spirit jingle performed a few originals. There was plenty to enjoy between airings and with her executive producer who (get this) also performed (and it was great!), it ran like a well oiled machine.

Then all while singing, she ministered for real and ended it all in an all-out absolute blast of a party! Where Yes! “Even Me,” (ok I’ve overused this pun already) …even I danced.

The new hit single “Even Me” is a great new groove that I have resolved will be my new get up on Monday morning motivation song and also my drive through downtown Atlanta (or any city for that matter) inspirational song. I have no doubt that this single will blow up on gospel and inspirational radio. I, for one, would love to hear it on the secular ones.

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