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Darlene McCoy Jackson performs Opening Song at Funeral for Brandon Smiley

It was great to see the post showing our own Darlene McCoy Jackson ministering the Richard Smallwood original, I Love the Lord today at the opening of Brandon Smiley’s funeral. 

Brandon Smiley, the first-born 32-year-old son of infamous comedian, Rickey Smiley, passed away suddenly on January 29th.  The cause of death is not yet public.  Rickey Smiley, himself, announced his son’s death on Instagram Sunday, stating that he wanted to be the one to deliver the news before it was announced by “the rest of the world.”

Such a fitting soloist and minister was chosen for the occasion. Every time I’ve gotten to hear Darlene whether preaching or singing there has always been such a potent anointing and also just such comfort, stability, and she’s always so relevant and personable at the same time.

I commend Rickey for being able to connect with all of his fans through this painful process. Everyone doesn’t have the ability to do that, nonetheless, we always know and say how people cope in different ways. We at IndieGospelRevealed would like to send so much love, many condolences, and sympathy to the man who has given us so much joy and also to his family.

Pastor Curtis Johnson of Valley Brook Baptist church in Darlene’s hometown, posted earlier (as he does so often of) how proud he is of his sister, Darlene, along with this video excerpt.




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