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Be Encouraged! William Becton is Back on the Scene & Releasing a New Single today, Friday Aug 19th

We remember him for the incredible gospel hit, Be Encouraged. Now, William Becton, a two time stellar award winner, radio announcer, and current pastor of Kingdom Purpose Worship Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, is now back on the scene with a new single, “Sing Unto the Lord.”

After experiencing what he calls “the fight of his life”, the new single “Sing Unto the Lord” represents a breakthrough on his journey of  his”brokenness.”

Becton says he went through a “Job like” experience where he lost everything. When he says he lost everything, it wasn’t that he became depraved or homeless but that he lost “every tangible asset he had in the process of doing ministry …of pursuing the Lord.”  God stripped everything that was insignificant in order to get to purpose,” says Becton.  Check out this interview below.


The single being released tomorrow from Mr. Old School himself is one of the songs on his new album, Broken III. He will also release a book soon entitled The Principle of Brokenness.

Look for the single on all digital outlets on tomorrow, August 19th.

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