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Atlanta Business Shero, Rachel James, Conducts Vocal Clinic With Special Guest Producer, Adam Blackstone

I’ve admired her for years and she is one of the best kept secret’s of the Southeast. Her name is Rachel James and she is a brand new author and self-proclaimed vocal producer. Don’t be to quick to raise your eyebrow over the title. Rachel James has been in demand for years both in the studio and on stage by some of the absolute best producers and singers in the land. She’s worked with everyone from Kevin Bond to Darwin Hobbs, Micah Stampley to Donnie McClurkin, Adam Blackstone, and many more. Currently she heads up the BGV (background vocal) team of Tasha Cobbs, a most current and consistent billboard topper and Grammy award winner.

Rachel James started building her agency Bridge, Hooks, and Stuff from the ground up out of Atlanta, Georgia. It began to grow tremendously as a background vocal workshop that she started back in 2009. It was also within this seminar that she began auditioning singers from all over the U.S. for the agency. The judges that year were Grammy award winning producer Kevin Bond, gospel artist Darwin Hobbs, as well as gospel artist Latrice Pace so of course it was something serious even then.

Also in 2009, Ametria Dock and Chantae Cann, the background vocals of India Irie, presented a seminar and demonstrated the first example of vocal blending and diversity at the clinic as they performed some of their originals and a few covers switching parts and styles like it was simply the typical daily act of breathing.

This year, special guest, Adam Blackstone was not only the special guest but the judge and brand new employer of this years professional BGV’s. If you’re not familiar with Blackstone, he is only a bassist and music director for Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Drake and I believe I’ve stopped counting. After giving a short seminar and answering many great questions, it was then time for the attendees to pick teams and then audition in front of him, Rachel James, Ashaala Shanae (vocalist and vocal healer), and Ametria Dock as well.

Later that night, Rachel released the highly anticipated publication BGeVolve: The Manual. Check out this video snippet below from Training Day to hear her speak about it. Also like and visit our Facebook Business Page for more video excerpts from that day.

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