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At Redemption Tonight- KJ Scriven, the Clark Kent of Gospel

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No matter where I went yesterday, whether it was the grocery store or in a phone conversation, I kept hearing you do not want to miss Wednesday’s Bible Study at Redemption.  Yet when I heard this originally, it was solely all about the message.

The series Armored delivered by Apostle Ron Carpenter of Redemption World Outreach has been packed with spiritual and revelatory instructions that are life changing. (See “If you are not satisfied with the way your life is going, be here on Wednesday,” Carpenter pronounces within last Sunday’s message.

Just when I began to think how strange it was that I kept going from place to place and hearing about the importance of my attendance on Wednesday, I received a phone call telling me an artist by the name of KJ Scriven is supposed to be there.

Immediately I jumped…”KJ Scriven!!! KJ Sriven is going to be there?!!! I love KJ Scriven.” That pretty much sealed the deal.

I call him the Clark Kent of Gospel…The North Carolina native has this well polished acoustic sound and if that isn’t enough his worship lyrics are spirit penetrating and thought provoking… everything music needs to be in this season to help save the day. You would recognize him as the writer and collab on the song What Can I do on Tye Tribbett’s 2013 album Greater than. He is also featured on the new album Bloody Win.

Unite Service will be tonight at 7pm at RWOC of Greenville at 635 Haywood Rd. Greenville, SC 29607. See you there.


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