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Artist, Darlene McCoy Will Perform the National Anthem at the Buffalo vs. Patriots Game on Tomorrow!


Congratulations to soulful singer and dynamic radio personality Darlene McCoy who has been personally invited to sing the national anthem at the October 30th (Sunday) football game between the New York Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots.

You may know her from her first released single Fallen in Love which was featured on the platinum soundtrack of Tyler Perry’s first movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman. You may instead know songs I Adore You or  I Shall Live and Not Die which has taken most of us music lovers into the realm of hope and love throughout the music community, both within and without the church. You may even know her from her hilarious satiric You Tube videos, “Take Me to Burger King” and “Open Wal Mart.”

Then again, her radio show, the Nightly Spirit is the perfect occasion to check out her larger than life personality, wit, and humor. The Nightly Spirit airs Monday through Friday 7-11pm ET on Atlanta’s Inspiration Station 102.5.

Darlene also has a message regarding the very present controversy of race and the national anthem which you can read below:

I am an American Citizen….My nationality is American…I will stand and boldly sing my country’s anthem because I am PROUD to be an American. Unfortunately my country is reaching it’s peak of a long time struggle with fellow Americans who are black like me…I see us getting closer to the way it’s supposed to be….In my spirit I am looking forward to singing it with passion because the lyrics that I have been singing all of my life make declarations of the America we will be as we are moving forward to our best days yet …I welcome my fellow Americans to sit or stand because as Americans we are free to do so. I pray that I deliver the song in such a way that we all REMEMBER who we are and the rights we have…


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