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Apostle Ron Carpenter Responds to Racial Outbreak. “We Belong to Another Nation!”

When we are regenerated we no longer belong to our white race, our black race, our Asian race,etc. “God wants us to operate out of the confinements of our race.” This is what Apostle Carpenter exclaimed from his social media account in a briefing as he addressed the recent and tragic racial outbreak in Charlottesville, VA that resulted in at least three people dead with one out of the three murdered.

Apostle Ron Carpenter pastors a multicultural church called Redemption Church that operates in several locations in South and North Carolina and beyond. One of the things he addresses, as a multicultural pastor, is that you can’t just “do the multicultural thing,” you have to live it.

“You can’t just go to church and “act multicultural” and expect everyone to join the bandwagon.  People can sense fake.  People know when you are multicultural in church but then do not have any intention of being apart of another culture when you go outside the door (paraphrased).”

After going into detail about the responsibility of pastoring and belonging to a multicultural church, he continues his course on being regenerated to operate in God’s Kingdom no longer belonging to the interests of his own race and then ultimately denounces these recent acts of hate and violence, comparing them to the phenomenon of Cain and Abel, and then finally ending the live video with an apology on behalf of those who have his same race, culture, and background.

Addressed on Sunday in Morning Worship


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