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Alphaeus Anderson Addresses Recent Mass Shootings & Bullying In Vegas On Stellar Award Weekend.

Alphaeus, founder of Pure~N~Heart has been nominated this year once again for a Stellar Award for his work as a visionary, writer, producer, and director for S.C.’s Pure N Heart Children Mass Choir. Yet, that is not the totality of his mission. Alphaeus Anderson, who represents both the increasingly growing cities of Greenville and Spartanburg, S.C. (a.k.a., the Upstate), spoke to hundreds of students this weekend in Vegas about the ever so relevant and dire topics of bullying and mass shootings.

“Change The World,” is the title of the Stellar nominated project this year for Youth Project of The Year, but the award show wasn’t the community leader’s only stop.

The entire purpose of his project and outreach is looming ever before him.  The young community leader has been speaking on this subject for a very long time especially since the increased social media bullying which also sparked a dreadful increase of child suicides.  Then with the mass shooting which included the shooting of 9 innocent people of Charleston S.C.’s Emmanuel A.M.E. Episcopal Church, then the mass shooting in the very city where The Stellars are held, and then more and more school shootings… all of which seemingly ignored by our nations government, Alphaeus’s work load has increased. As a matter of fact all of our work loads have increased.

“If we start with our neighbor,” are the words of the song that caught the attention of of many including the Music Industry this year, but that is minimal in comparison to who, what, and how many are at stake. Alphaeus wants your support by keeping this word and message resonating in our minds and in the minds of the youth. Help him by spreading this message from his youth choir.

See article about project and music video by clicking here.

“I am committed to spread the message of Change The World by Starting with your neighbor. I am hopeful and I think it’s possible to especially start with youth that are “below your shoulders,” or in other words, youth that are still mode-able like wet cement.” -Alphaeus Anderson

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